07 Dec

Liza is a comprehensive platform that will revolutionize the market of real estate in Egypt. In Liza, we help connect the owners and landlords with potential clients. Our services support both rent and sales. Liza aims to connect both customers and buyers in direct contact without any third parties involved.
Liza offers an encrypted chat messenger for direct contact between buyers and sellers. In this way, there is no broker involved. Your data as a buyer or a seller is protected. This means no one gets your phone number, email, or address without your permission. You will not find random marketing agencies calling you unnoticed or messaging you via Whatsapp.
Liza's mission is to help clients sell or rent their high-quality assets most conveniently and efficiently possible. We will help you find a suitable client to buy or rent your property for a small subscription fee.
Our services are strictly end-to-end, with no third parties, brokers, or marketing agencies involved. The only third parties who partner with Liza are for payment options. Our payment portal gateways include CIB and OPay Egypt.
Liza will show you the most suitable options according to your real estate needs if you want to rent or buy a unit. You can rearrange the timeline to view the listing in any way you like. You will also contact the owner directly through our chat
. This service is entirely free from your side as we only charge the landlord or the seller.
 Why liza platform
Liza's founders are leaders in the real estate market in Egypt with more than 25 years of experience. Liza is set to be a leader among the digital real estate solutions in Egypt. Everyone witnessed the dramatic improvement in digital services in the last few years. Liza is dedicated to being the leader of the digital transformation in the real estate market.
With Liza, be sure that we will meet your interests and needs. Our founders value security and privacy before everything else. This is why we at Liza have earned the ISO/IEC 27001. It is an international standard on how to manage information security. To achieve this quality accreditation, the organization meets strict policies on managing and protecting data clients.
Liza has also earned the ISO 9001 accreditation. ISO 9001 is known as the international standard necessary for quality management systems. It is the most important QMS "quality management system" worldwide. This accreditation makes sure that the company increases effectiveness, productivity and meets its customers' needs.
Listing help for the elderly:

We can help the elderly landlords and owners who want to use Liza's services. The platform will send experienced personnel to help the owner through the process of listing their products.

They will help the owners capture good and marketable photos for their units, gather essential data about the units, and list the unit quickly on Liza.

This service will allow Liza to reach all the potential clients in the real estate market, even those who find it challenging to deal with digital platforms.

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