01 Jan

We present to you a property for sale in Sahl Hasheesh Egypt for the first time in a new and different style. The property is built and designed in Hawaiian timber style with unique tropical landscaping of palm trees as well as carefully selected gardens, roses and waterfalls. Owners can enjoy life in Hawaii in any of the 286 units at this first-class resort.

property for sale in sahl hasheesh egypt

The property is beautifully and uniquely designed according to our special architectural style, all buildings are masterfully designed with a 45 degree balcony to give you a perfect view of the sea. It is estimated that about 90% of the units overlook the sea from different sides of the resort.The property is designed according to the highest quality standards, as we use natural materials for interior design such as wood and high quality textiles along with light colors that make the unit a more comfortable and convenient place. Our designers focus on creating the Hawaiian vibe for our clients, so we use plenty of luxurious tropical flair.

Why property for sale in sahl hasheesh egypt

For lovers of diving and exploring the beauty and splendor of the depths of the Red Sea, there is a new destination that satiates their passion for adventure, Sahl Hasheesh Tourist Resort in Egypt.It is one of the newest tourist destination in Egypt, which evokes the slogan "Live, Live and Dance". Sahl Hasheesh International Resort extends over the longest bays in the Red Sea. It is located between the cities of Safaga and Hurghada, 450 kilometers from Cairo. And 18 kilometers south of Hurghada with its 12.5 kilometers of sandy beaches.This charming spot of the Red Sea covers about 41 million square meters. It includes a group of the most luxurious international hotels that provide complete privacy and a relaxing and entertaining atmosphere. Where all the hotels overlook the sea coast.The characteristics of Sahl Hasheesh, which is rarely found anywhere else in the world, are the cleanliness of the air, and the picturesque nature. and the possibility of staying there at any time of the year; It has a warm climate where the temperature in winter is 23°C and in summer 35°C, the water temperature in winter is 21°C. And in the summer 29 ° C with the presence of historical and archaeological sites, which makes it wonderful.It is a place for real estate investment, especially that the real estate tax in particular is generally lower than its counterparts in Europe. Perhaps the most important advantage is the ease of transportation to and from Hurghada International Airport, which is 20 minutes from Hurghada International Airport. 

Activities in Sahl Hasheesh

Sahl Hasheesh is a great place for a family vacation. Where the whole family will find recreational activities that satisfy their desires and tastes. There are many events and parties that make you reach the top of the fun and spend a special vacation at any time of the year.It also offers you a complete entertainment plan that includes trips, parties, tennis and squash courts. In addition to health treatments and massage programs. Where you can relax in one of the health clubs in Sahl Hasheesh Resort, which is one of the most luxurious clubs. Clubs in the Red Sea, which provide you with treatments, massages, fitness classes, yoga and steam baths.Although Sahl Hasheesh offers peace and relaxation, it has many activities that will make your vacation an unforgettable one. Diving enthusiasts can explore the unparalleled sunken Pharaonic city of Egypt, where you can wander among the ruins of the ancient city and learn about the glory of the ancient city. That legendary civilization.It is one of the most beautiful diving areas in the Red Sea. The reef is only 1 km away, and you can reach it after a 5-10 minute boat ride.These coral reefs located in Sahl Hasheesh Bay make diving and snorkeling an unparalleled pleasure. Diving enthusiasts can enjoy the freedom and safety of reaching a depth of 20 meters without stopping at the safety stops next to their yachts.And if you are a fan of international types of cuisine, the resort has the best restaurants in the world that serve the most delicious international dishes, giving you endless options to order what you want from food and cooking methods: Japanese, Chinese, oriental, Italian, Lebanese, Indian and others.

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